Christmas bauble vases

By Glennis Byron
November 13, 2022
Filed in Flowers
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Try these unusual vases to make small Christmas arrangements for your mantelpiece. You’ll need to find mid-sized Christmas baubles that have removable caps and a decent sized opening.

Choose baubles with good sized openings

The first step is to remove the cap, discard the wire hanger and then slightly flatten the cap itself, so that it still curves up a little. Put it on the bottom of the bauble to make sure you have the curve right.

Next put some glue (I used something called Gorilla glue) on the bottom of the bauble and on the cap. Try and get a little glue on each of the flaps.

Now press the bottom of the bauble into the cap and hold it together until the glue sets. If necessary, push up the flaps so they have contact with the bauble. Try and avoid getting it on your fingers (I never manage that).

Once it is dry, add some water, which helps further stabilize the bauble vase, and then your foliage and flowers.

Put them out of reach of little fingers, paws and wagging tails.

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